Fitness Lab

Hot Yoga Niko Geo launches a series of fitness classes! Suitable for all levels of trainees, these classes aim to give you the body you are dreaming of.
The classes are taking place in small groups with a qualified team of teachers in the most beautiful and clean space. Everyday classes from Monday to Sunday, from early in the morning till late night, you enjoy classes that provide you strength and weight loss.

TRX, Shape Up, Body Sculpt, Power Fit, No Limit, AbSundays, with or without the use of special equipment (trx, bosu, kettlebells, weights, tires, rings, rollers, pilates, step) these classes will transform you!

Fitness Lab Classes

TRX is a suspension training system that utilizes body weight and gravity to provide whole body movements that engage the legs, arms, and core. Born by the U.S. Navy Seals, TRX Suspension Training is used by athletes, military personnel, and fitness experts throughout the world for the highly effective workout it deploys.

It offers a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. In other words, it uses your own body weight combined with gravity to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and core and joint stability. By simply adjusting your body position, you can add or decrease resistance. This allows individuals of all levels of fitness to enjoy the benefits of TRX suspension training in a Non Hot environment.

Full body workout class. This class is specially formulated for those who want to give strength and shape to their entire body with a circular exercises structure by using equipment such as weights, tires, bosu, kettle bells, pilates balls, trx. Circular training and empowerment with an emphasis on muscular endurance. An intense training system with stations and innovative exercises that continually change and burden both the aerobic and the anaerobic mechanism of energy production, while evenly exercising almost every muscle of the body. This class is open to all trainee levels and aims at holistic muscle strengthening and body lining.

Improve your strength, endurance and balance!
A full body class and for all levels of trainees.
60 ‘training of all muscular groups with weights, tires, kettlebels, aerobic exercises and exercises in mat.
Ideal for burning fat, activating metabolism and body lining.
Give your body the form you dream of!

60 ‘full training for those who want immediate results.
Shape – Strenght – Loss of calories.
In this class you will train your body both with your body weight and physical resistance and with selected pilates equipment. A dynamic lesson to increase power and stability in a fast-paced, energy-packed performance of loud music. Try it!

Our Sundays in Hot Yoga Niko Geo start off dynamically!
A 45 ‘special course dedicated to abs for all levels of trainees.
Whether you are aiming for fat loss, empowering or to refine your body shape, this class is perfect for you! Be stronger, see your body change and get rid of musculoskeletal pains in the back once and for all!

This is how we start our day! 45 ‘holistic body workout.
Combination of exercises on the ground with or without the use of special equipment (tires, weights, step, kettlebels, bosu) for everybody. Give energy, endurance and flexibility to your body, energize your metabolism and feel the change both internally and externally.

A 45′ class that emphasizes the abs and hips. This program aims to burn fat and strengthen the muscle groups. A key advantage of this program is the rapid burning of calories and easy weight loss. This is achieved through continuous alternations in exercise, and breaks.
The variety of exercises keeps the practitioner interested, so that he does not give up the exercise quickly and maximise the result!

A new cross training program.

Hot CrossTraining is the method of combining various training strategies (bodybuilding, running and boxing) in a warm environment (40 C and 50% humidity). The target is each trainee to enjoy the benefits of cross training alongside the benefits of detoxification.

In this class you can really test your limits!

You can book our classes up to 2 hours before they start.