Welcome to Hot Yoga

In 2011 we brought Hot Yoga to Greece first and in 2015, while changing management and direction, we are welcoming students that wish to practice non hot yoga as well with a group of internationally recognized and certified teachers.

In September 2018, Hog Yoga moved to new premises in Psychiko. The new studio was formed with great care and love by its owner, Niko Geo, for those students who want to practice with a group of excellent teachers in an ambience of high aesthetics and design.

We are committed to providing our members with a beautiful, clean, safe and relaxed environment focusing on a serene spiritual yoga experience. In our studio every member is treated with respect as a unique individual.

We are offering you the opportunity to try more than 10 different styles and levels of difficulty, from beginners (Hatha yoga) to experienced level 2-3 (Rocket yoga) and be a part of a high quality and delightful experience. At the same time, you can choose from a variety of non-hot classes as well as more dynamic, since the program, except for Hot TRX & Pilates, features functional circular structure training for body strengthening and muscular endurance.

In our sophisticated and minimal studio you can find classes from that are philosophical and spiritual, to fun and funky ones; from hardcore sweaty workouts, to softly paced classes; from sunny spelled to candlelit led, we offer it all.