Finlay Wilson Workshops

Finlay Wilson is coming to Athens, exclusively at Hot Yoga Niko Geo studio.
Your favorite yogi with intense presence at social media and worldwide reputation Forrest Yoga teacher will be here in order to offer a 2-days workshop full of knowledge, experience and of course fun! Do not miss it!
All workshops are suitable for al student levels and yoga teachers.


Saturday 5/10, 15.00 – 17.00 Unlocking the hips
Saturday 5/10, 18.00 – 20.00 Therapeutic Backbends
Sunday 6/10, 11.00 – 13.00 Forrest Yoga Inversions
Sunday 6/10, 14.00 – 16.00 Feast for the Soul

Α. Unlocking the hips: Saturday 5/10, 15.00 – 17.00

Using breath and Forrest Yoga sequencing we will begin to unravel the tension around the hips and low back. Through standing poses and some of the exquisite Forrest Hip openers you will go deeper into your hips than before!

B. Therapeutic Backbends: Saturday 18.00 – 20.00

Forrest Yoga uses intelligent sequencing and unique application of props to take back-bending to a new level. Explore deep backbends whilst creating support and space for the body, deepening your breath and investigating what it means to be struggle free even in an intense place. This class is suitable for all levels and the therapeutic unwinding of the back will leave you feeling spacious and invigorated.

C. Forrest Yoga Inversions, Sunday 6/10, 11.00 – 13.00

In Forrest Yoga, we use intense poses to sparkle up our blood and to excite the body. Nothing is more exciting than inversions, turning the world on its head and changing your perspectives physically. Using Forrest Yoga sequences we will stabilise the shoulders, strengthen the core and work on ways to break the anxiety around going upside down by using very safe inversions. Once we have established some foundations, you can play at your level with what would work best to bring aliveness into your body.

D. Feast for the soul, Sunday 6/10, 14.00 – 16.00

One of Finay’s favourite aspects of his Yoga practice is the deep sense that he is doing something healing on a profound level. There is release, relaxing and also playtime. This class will be a session that moves your blood, creates an opportunity to quantum leap your energy patterns through some of the delightful and challenging Forrest Yoga poses.

Participation cost for one (1) is 40€, for two (2) is 70, for three (3) workshops is 95€ and for all four (4) is 120€. (VAT 24% is not included)
Pre booking and pre payment is obligatory.
For more information please call 0030 210 6756770.
Cancelation Policy: you can cancel your participation until 24 hours before the workshop, money is not refundable in any case.

Finlay is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher, Forrest Yoga Guardian-in-training and Senior Yoga Alliance teacher. He is the founder and principal teacher of Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks in Dundee and is a widely sought-after international yoga teacher. Finlay began Yoga in 2007 following surgical procedures on both legs and used Yoga for his rehabilitation. Finlay has completed over 1000 hours of training with Forrest Yoga Certification Programmes along with over 1000 hours of Ashtanga and Vinyasa training. He leads classes all over the UK, features on his online Yoga channel at Mat2Mat, presents at Yoga conferences and performs asana demonstrations at events and fundraisers. He is highly passionate about working with children and young people and has established the Young Yogis Project to bring free Yoga to toddlers, children, teenagers and young people with special needs and disability in his hometown Dundee, Scotland.

Finlay is very hands on in the Yoga room drawing on over 8 years of Bodywork experience fusing Thai Massage and Structural Integration techniques with the advanced hands-on assists from the Forrest Yoga practice. He has experience in working with physical disability and complex injury needs and can tailor his sessions for beginner students and advanced students that are looking to realise the next stage of their power.

Finlay continues his training with a rigorous daily practice and regularly travels around the world to work with other leading Forrest Yoga teachers and with his teacher, Ana Forrest, herself. As an assistant to Ana Forrest, he has learned how to construct sequences that are highly intelligent and congruent with the needs of the individual coupled with compassionate hands-on assists that will make you feel safe and guide you into feeling your body in a new and exciting way.
Furthermore Finlay is a published author. His book ‚Kilted Yoga – Yoga Laid Bare’ is a humorous and motivational guide to the fundamentals of yoga based on his sensational Kilted Yoga video.

Instagram page: finlay0901 (80,9K Followers)